The school fosters an interactive learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow. The school offers a pollution – free environment with a fusion of modern and traditional cultures, as well as a stimulating academic and multi – cultural environment.


Aesthetically pleasing  colour charts and drawings with ample light and presence of teaching aids make sure every classroom is optimally suited for learning.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory is equipped with 20 latest computers.

High speed data connection with WIFI is also available

Spacious and comfortable seating arrangements help pupils to access the computer individually.

Science Corner

Scientific equipments, models and posters of Scientists are exhibited.

Mathematics Corner

Self-Learning Mathematical Equipments are placed for the pupils to learn independently with their peers resulting in better fundamental arithmetic knowledge.

Geography Corner

Pictorial paintings of maps are drawn on the walls of the Indoor Auditorium.

Indoor Sports Room

Chess, carrom, Chinese chekkers, ludo, trade game, peg solitaire etc.,  are also available to the children.


A spacious and well – resourced library with 1000 plus books on various topics are available.

Safety & Security

The school has CCTV surveillance set up to monitor common areas and the school surroundings. An efficient “Security System” ensures  the safety of the pupils.

Play Area

A  play area with play items like Slide, Jungle Gym, etc., suitable for kindergarten pupils are available.


A  playground area is available in the campus caters to all athletic and major games.

Smart Classroom

A “Smart Interactive Panel Board, Digital Visualizer and Web Cameras” are installed in the Audio – Visual room to usher in the new era of a world-class education.

Water Doctor

Two Water Doctors” have been installed in the school campus  to provide clean water.

Open Auditorium

An open auditorium is built in the campus for stage shows.

Indoor Auditorium

An Indoor Auditorium to accommodate 500 pupils for meetings and celebrations.

Audio- Visual Room

A overhead projector and a 32” colour TV are available for playing Education CD’s .

Noon Meal Centre

The noon meal kitchen is  provided with Management funded LPG supply and enough vessels to cook for 300 plus pupils. As the school is an Aided Primary School, the Government provides all items for  preparing  noon meal to  the opted pupils. At present 200 pupils are benefited by this.

Power Room




A 2 KVA capacity HONDA power generator and a UPS connection having a capacity of  5 KVA are available to combat power shut down at needy times.